Advocacy Work

Joshua is very active within our community and is fighting every day to ensure that voices, especially youth voices, are heard and that real action is taken to improve everyone's lives. See below for some of the involvement and work that is being done now.

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Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Mental health and youth mental health is a cause that has been close to Joshua's heart and one that he has committed himself to work on for life. After personal experiences with poor mental health, Joshua is now working to raise awareness around mental health disorders, mental health illnesses, and poor mental health in youth, as well as working to push our governments to do more to support the mental health of the next generation through providing the resources, supports, and care that is needed. If nothing is done now, think of the effects that will be felt tomorrow by so many people across our community and the country.

In September of 2021, with the help of the YMHM Canada, a Recommendation Report for a New Suicide Prevention Strategy for Hamilton was published. In addition to this report being published, it was also submitted to the Mayor of Hamilton, the Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton, the Chief Medical Officer of Hamilton, and the Canadian Mental Health Association (Hamilton Branch). Joshua, along with all YMHM Canada members, is proud to say that this report is being used to provide a youth perspective into suicide prevention in the city of hamilton with the creation of a new plan for the city.

Joshua continued his work with suicide prevention and mental health with his work with the Canadian Mental Health Association (Hamilton Branch) and the Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton by taking part in working on the Roots of Hope campaign from the Mental Health Commission of Canada. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between mental health services from youth care to adult care.​

Canada currently does not have a national 988 suicide and crisis line. This is something that he continues to also advocate for through continued conversations with the community, government, and other mental health leaders across the country.

In early 2020, Joshua started the Youth Mental Health March Canada (YMHM Canada) and through this community association, he works with the team to better raise awareness around youth mental health and push our governments to do more. To learn more about the YMHM Canada and some of the work that they are doing, click here.

Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Youth Council

Being a member of the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Constituency Youth Council, Joshua works with other members of the council and with the Honourable Filomena Tassi, P.C., M.P. (Minister of Public Services & Procurement and the Receiver General of Canada) to raise the voices of those in his community and to ensure that real change is delivered to improve their lives. Through the creation of policy through listening to those in the community, Joshua and all members of the council want to ensure that change is delivered to keep our community moving forward for all.

Joshua is also currently leading a team focused on mental and physical health within the Youth Council. Final policy papers and recommendations to the Minister are still currently being completed.

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Youth in Politics with the Youth Political Assembly

Working with the Youth Political Assembly (YPA), the YPA aims to get more youth involved in politics and in their communities making the change that we need to ensure a better future for everyone.

Joshua currently serves as the Chief of Policy at the Youth Political Assembly where he is responsible for overseeing the Policy team. This involves facilitating the YPA's Policy-related events, discussion panels, Weeks of Action (WoA), and other Policy initiatives and events. Joshua works directly with the team of Policy Advisors to develop Policy initiatives and events, facilitate the creation of new event types, and work on personal/non-profit development. As a member of the YPA’s leadership team, Joshua regularly engages with the leadership team to ensure the smooth running of the YPA. 

Joshua works with other members of the YPA and Policy Advisors to analyze and endorse policy in Canada while working with the YPA social media team to develop content that explains legislation and bills so that everyone is able to understand what is going on in our parliaments across Canada.

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