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Joshua Meets with MP Lisa Hepfner to Discuss the Official Implementation of a 988 and Mental Health

1 September 2022

Today Joshua met with MP Lisa Hepfner, MP for Hamilton Mountain, to discuss the official implementation of a National 988 Suicide and Crisis Line, mental health, and the continued need for continued support after a national 988 is implemented next year on 30 November 2023. Joshua made clear that the official implementation of a national 988 is a step in the right direction, but it can not be the end at all. More work has to be done to ensure continued supports in the meantime still until its official implementation, as well as after the number is implemented. A national 988 must be accessible to everyone no matter who they are or where they may be in Canada. MP Hepfner continues to support a national 988 number and agreed with the need for accessibility for such a number for everyone in Canada. Continued meetings with MPs and Minister Bennett's Office are ongoing. ###

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