Joshua and the YMHM Canada Announce the Creation of a Recommendation Report for Suicide Prevention

21 July 2021

Today Joshua is proud to announce that along with his team from the Youth Mental Health March Canada (YMHM Canada), they will be drafting a new, modern, meaningful, and impactful suicide prevention strategy for Hamilton.

This move from the YMHM Canada, lead by Joshua, comes in response to continuing to push for change and better mental health awareness and access to resources. It also comes as Hamilton's last and only suicide prevention strategy was done in 2010. The plan has never been updated or reviewed since and there are currently no plans to update it for the people of Hamilton.

With suicide among all ages in Hamilton and the people of Hamilton's mental health being a pressing issues, now has never been more the right time to update and redo the suicide prevention strategy for the city.

Once the new plan is complete, it will be presented to both the City of Hamilton and the Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton in an effort for it to be adopted in full or in part. The final recommendation report for the new strategy will also be released on the YMHM Canada website.

For the most up-to-date information about this project that Joshua is leading and involved in through the YMHM Canada, please click here to visit the website page on the YMHM Canada's website. For any questions about this project, please contact the YMHM Canada.


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