Joshua and the YMHM Canada Release the Report for a New Suicide Prevention Strategy

5 September 2021

Today the YMHM Canada, the community association that Joshua is the President of, released its Recommendation Report for a New Suicide Prevention Strategy. Hamilton's first and only Suicide Prevention Strategy was done in September of 2010.

On 19 July 2021, the YMHM Canada announced that it will be working over the next few months to create a new, modern, impactful, and meaningful suicide prevention strategy for Hamilton. Once this strategy is completed, it will be proposed to both the City of Hamilton and to the Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton.

The YMHM Canada was drafting this new strategy as we see the urgent need for a new strategy that not only takes into consideration the changes of the modern world but also the impacts of the pandemic and the implications that it will leave on us all.

The full Recommendation Report for a New Suicide Prevention Strategy for Hamilton by the YMHM Canada has been submitted on 5 September 2021 - 5 days before the current strategy turns 11 years out of date.

The full report is viewable through the .pdf attached below, or through visiting the YMHM Canada's website at It is a recommendation report that looks at background information, past strategies, and make recommendations to the SPCCH, the City of Hamilton, members of the public, business and organizations, as well as making recommendations for a new suicide prevention plan under the MHCC Roots of Hope Campaign and much more. A report that works to create a new, modern, meaningful, and impactful suicide prevention strategy for Hamilton and all of its residence.

Suicide is a crisis that we are all living in right now and the right actions need to be taken to work to prevent a continued rise in suicides for the people of Hamilton.


Recommendation Report for a New Suicide Prevention Strategy for Hamilton_Final_V2
Download PDF • 562KB

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