Statement on the Ongoing Convoy Protest in Ottawa

30 January 2022

Like all people in Canada and around the world, I understand the growing frustration and

restlessness that we have as we continue through the COVID-19 pandemic. As frustrated as we all may be, we still have to be mindful that COVID-19 has not ended nor have the measures that we have to take in order to help continue to put and end to this pandemic. Part of these measures includes vaccinations.

While everyone has their right to protest and to freedom of speech, that right should not and does not extend to the hateful symbols and speech that we have seen over the last few days during the ongoing unrest in our capital.

After what we have seen today in Ottawa, and in replica protests across the country, it has been made even more clear to us all that this rally is not about ending mandatory vaccinations for truckers, but is about defiance of public health measures, extreme hate, and white supremacy.

Dancing and parking your cars on the National War Memorial/Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, carrying the confederate flag and Nazi symbols around Parliament Hill, defacing the Terry Fox monument, threatening to break into parliament, and threatening to find the home addresses of MPs and other government leaders are all actions that should be denounced by all as not only extremally hateful, but also racist and anti-Semitic. I strongly condemn these actions.

Canada is not a place for hate, white supremacy, racism, or any other form of harmful/hateful and disrespectful behaviours towards others.

I look forward to the correct actions from our government leaders and hope that they will all denounce these behaviours and move towards ending this occupation immediately. ###

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