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Joshua was born and has lived his whole life in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Attending elementary and secondary school until June of 2021 with the HWCDSB, he continues to further his education through his attendance at McMaster University in Hamilton where he will be pursuing political science with a specialization in judicial studies and public law. 


Always being an active member within his community, he continues to work to improve the lives of all through listening, taking notes, drafting policy, and acting on what members of the public what to see to better their lives in all different ways. He continues to advocate for what is best for all in his community.


Passionate about mental health and the well-being of others, Joshua has been an active youth mental health advocate in the community and has worked to help not only raise awareness but also push for changes to improve the mental health of youth. This includes with a community association he started (YMHM Canada) in 2020. Joshua has also drafted reports for increased youth suicide prevention and mental health that have helped to provide insight into key issues from a youth perspective.


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Joshua is currently leading the Youth Mental Health March Canada as President after founding the community association in 2020. He is also a current member of Hon. Filomena Tassi, P.C., M.P. (Minister of Public Services & Procurement and Receiver General for Canada) Youth Council where he also leads a team focused on mental and physical health. Joshua currently serves as the Chief of Policy at the Youth Political Assembly where he and others work to encourage youth to raise their voices and get involved in politics where they are able to better their community for everyone. He is also continuing to help give back to those in Canada through his involvement as the Special Assistant and Communications Aide to Sam Bhalesar, the National Secretary of the Liberal Party of Canada.

With menta health policy and the well-being of others being the top of mind in all of the work that he does, Joshua is also actively involved in the Roots of Hope initiative with the Canadian Mental Health Association (Hamilton Branch) and the Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton where he is working to provide input to reduce suicide in Hamilton and bridge the gap between youth and adult services.


Joshua has held past positions within his school and community such as his school's Ambassador for revisions to the MYSP, an executive member of the Student Council and lead of multiple school clubs, including being the Student Mental Health Lead, and much more.


Past and current volunteer work includes work done with the Good Shephard, the De Mazenod Door Outreach, volunteer with Bishop Ryan's Breakfast Club serving food to students who need it, general volunteer with the Catholic Women’s League of Canada (Our Lady of Assumption Parish Branch), and with the Hamilton Fire Department during the November Food Drive every year.

It should also be noted that all current leadership positions that Joshua has taken on are also all done on a volunteer basis and are not paid.


Joshua has received the Bishops Award for Devotion of Service (2017), Director’s Award of Excellence for School Mission/Vision (2019), the Patrick J. Daley Memorial Award for Personal Examples and Work that Contribute to the Corporate Life of the School and Community (2021), and the Paul and Helen O'Sullivan Award for Community Involvement (2021).


Joshua has also been nominated for the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award for Students (2021), and the June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism (2021).



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