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Federal Calls of Action

The time for action to better the mental health of Canadians is now. View the full 2023 Mental Health Calls of Action: Federal, calls of action to the Government of Canada for 2023 on improving mental healthcare and mental health in Canada, by clicking below or scrolling down on this page to see the main goals and calls.

Calls of Action for 2023

The main calls of action. For full reasoning and further information, view the full document above.


Fulfill the promise and create a fully operational Canada Mental Health Transfer


Urgently Create and Implement a National Suicide Prevention Strategy


Increase support for additions and substance use through the creation of a National Addictions and Substance Use Strategy


Continue to support & ensure that the National 988 Suicide & Crisis Line remains open & accessible for everyone


Support youth and their mental health and the urgent need for access to care


Support for members of the LGBTQ Community

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What has been done in 2023?

Since the start of 2023, the Government of Canada has announced, invested, or made promises for the mental health of Canadians.


While this section is being updated to reflect all announcements made, take a look at what has been said so far this year by visiting

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