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Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

23 February 2022

Tonight Dictator Putin of the Russian Federation declared war on Ukraine - a democratic neighbour of Russia.

I strongly condemn on all levels the unprovoked attack on Ukraine this evening by the Russian Federation and its leaders. Such actions on democratic nations that exist rightfully and peacefully should not go unpunished by anyone anywhere. The Russian Federation and its leaders - and any other country that has helped them invade Ukraine - must be fully and immediately isolated from the rest of the world. 

My heart, prayers and support will continue to go to the people of Ukraine. The world has stood with you and we will all continue to stand with you today, tomorrow, and forever in your fight against the Russian Federation and in defending your country and communities. The Russian Federation must not get away with such actions.

If you are in Ukraine and need consular assistance, contact the Emergency Watch and Response Centre: 

Telephone: +1 613-996-8885 


SMS: +1 613-686-3658 

WhatsApp: 613-909-8881


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